Thury Plein Air


 Welcome to the Suisse Normande ! 


 You are looking for a place to have a good time with your family or friends in the Calvados? Imagine, in the heart of the Suisse Normande, the Kayak Club Thury-Harcourt, an outdoor base that can give you advices for activities around Thury-Harcourt. The club is open all the year and it can make you discover, initiat you the sport of canoe-kayak or cycling. Discover the remarqueble landscape between the town of Clécy, Thury-Harcourt, and the Val de Maizet with the location of canoe-kayak, stand up paddle, cycling and peddling boat open during the season. You can also walk along the river Orne in the woods. There is not only canoe-kayak, you can also do some archery, orienteering, climbing in the trees. Immers yourself in the nature less than 30 km from Caen.


Descente de l'OrneDescente canoe kayak